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Charles C. Christie, Jr.

President, New Dominion Media Group

Marketplace Leader | Visionary | Entreprenuer

Accomplished Business Professional, Marketplace Leader,
Visionary, and

Along with his wife Gabriela, Chuck is the owner of Talk Network Radio, an on-line global radio network owned and operated by New Dominion Media Group.

Chuck, is an accomplished business professional, leader and communicator with over 36 years of diverse military, business and entrepreneurial experience. He has played significant roles in four successful business startups. In a recent business, he was the key player in rescuing a troubled company, and nursing it back to healthy profits.

His diverse background enables him to help others achieve success by helping them overcome their internal obstacles and imaginary boundaries. Chuck has mentored business leaders, military personnel, and young adults enabling them to take it to the next level. He is an expert in helping businesses and individuals build their potential by helping them to see their own expertise in their own endeavors, and to help others see the expertise in them through targeted audio and video messaging.

Chuck has reach audiences in over 10 countries including the United States. His audiences have included countries such as Columbia, Brazil, Uruguay, India, Vietnam, China, Finland, Norway, Sweden, England, France, Germany, and Ireland, among other as well; with programs that are designed to inspire individuals, teams and organizations to reach their goals and achieve their full potential for success.

Gabriela Christie Toletti, Ph.D.

Vice-President, New Dominion Media Group

Author, Professor, Speaker

Over 30 years in Education | over 25 years in Higher Education

Gabriela is a multi-talented individual that wears many hats. She is responsible for creating all of the curriculum used in outreach programs, workshops and seminars. Gabriela is also responsible for finding and developing artistic talent as the Director of New Dominion Press helping others reach their dreams of becoming a publish author.

She is a highly qualified professor who is also highly effective. She has created her own curriculum for Languages and World Cultural Studies courses. She understands the value of teaching beyond a textbook and has over 30 years of classroom experience. She is well known as one of the best at what she does.

Gabriela is bi-lingual in Spanish (her original language) and English, and as an author, she has written brilliantly in both. She is currently working on two book projects of her own, and has brought 5 additional book projects to New Dominion Press in several stages of development.